NEWS! The Brand New Strategy Course with Prof. Marcos Hiller

For over 12 years, Professor Marcos Hiller has been teaching branding, positioning and brand management throughout Brazil and abroad in schools such as ESPM, FGV, FIA-USP, Saint Paul. And over the years, it has been realized that understanding brand logics and managing it in the new contemporary environment is an increasingly complex challenge that requires us to think through the process. The world undergoes drastic transformations, and in this world, brands are true, genuine, authentic and relevant is not an option, it is a must have. Understanding the processes of branding, research, and branding strategy becomes an increasingly essential requirements. The setting is unprecedented, and perfecting the customer experience through a relevant brand positioning should be the mantra of companies today.

Based on these premises, we structured our BRAND STRATEGIST TRAINING course, an advanced workshop with cases “hands-on”, about BRANDING strategies. We will promote a debate on how to understand the process of building, managing and positioning BRANDS in the contemporary environment.



Topics covered:
– Postmodernity and Aesthetic Capitalism
– Brands and the new online arena: logics, new digital dynamics
– Brands: historicities, concepts and their elements
– Market research: uses, types, formats and insights
– Brand positioning and building relevance: methods and application
– Case study “hands-on” and trends



Who is this course for?
Professionals who want to deepen their knowledge of advanced branding concepts and empower themselves on how to build brand relevancy in people’s lives. Entrepreneurs who wish to become consultants in the field of brand positioning. Other professionals, brand managers, marketing managers, and teachers who teach about the subject.


What is the goal of the course?
At the end of the course, all students will be able to understand the brand’s logic in contemporary times and will be properly trained and qualified to build an effective branding, research and branding plan.

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Marcos Hiller is a Master’s degree in Communication and Consumer Practices from ESPM, where he has published several articles in national and international congresses. Visiting Professor of the FGV Management MBA, ESPM, FIA-USP and SENAC SC. Author of 4 books in the area: “BRANDING: THE ART OF BUILDING BRANDS”, in addition to his most recent publications: ONDIVIDUOS and WALK I and II. He is currently the Director of Planning at TRUE STORIES, a branded content office where he serves clients such as Bauducco, Renault, Unimed, RayBan, BMW, Banco do Brasil, Fujitsu and Habibs. International speaker in the areas of branding, consumerism and other disturbing themes of this new digital ecosystem we inhabit, Hiller brings together more than a decade of experience in the financial industry, where he was Marketing Manager of BankBoston and Communications Coordinator of Grupo Santander Brasil. Graduated in Marketing from ESPM, he holds an MBA in Brand Management, as well as extension courses from Universidad Andres Bello (Chile) and Santa Fe University (New Mexico / USA). He is a columnist for the ENDEAVOR website and the Administrators Portal.

See testimonials of those who did and approved the Marcos Hiller BRANDING course:

“I’m suspicious to talk, because I’m passionate about branding, a fascinating subject, and this course has brought me, along with many cases, a strategic and accurate view of this universe.” Hiller’s experience and exchange with the group was super relevant as process of building brand positioning.”

Mariana Policastro is Senior Media Analyst at NIVEA.

“Hiller refers you to an immersion in brand strategies that you had never noticed with the naked eye, even more for entrepreneurs early in the creation of their own brands … fun, exciting and didactic … strongly recommend the course”

Dante Casarotti is a founding partner of the Van Been brewery.

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